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Agasthya ayurvedic wellness centre is located in Varkala, Kerala, India. Varkala is located in between north of Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city (55 km) and south of Kollam (35 km).

Our chief medical officer Dr.Sruthy N P and her team of highly skilled and experienced therapists provide better ayurvedic treatments for the needed ones.

Agasthya ayurvedic wellness centre provide treatments for diseases such as sinusitis, insomnia, hair fall, depression, neck and back pain, cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis , irritable bowel syndrome, allergy, gynaecological/menstrual disorders etc.

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Localization and attractions

and standards

A magnificent manifestation of the fusion of the ancient with the modern; an escape into a world which invigorates your senses in an absolutely enriching way.

Ayurvedic Treatments

To preserve ,conserve & to provide the rich tradition of this ancient science of healing ayurveda for the mind, body and soul in the purest & traditional form.

  • Abhyangam (Medicated oil massage)
  • Njavara Kizhi(Rice pudding bundle massage)
  • Podi Kizhi(Powder bundle massage)
  • Ela Kizhi(Leaf bundle massage), etc...

Treatment Packages

The unseen nature & music of winds and river altogether unwinds the stress and tension occurred during day to day life.

  • Panchakarma (Detoxification) treatment
  • Obesity management
  • Beauty programmes
  • Back and spine care treatments, etc...

Courses Offered

  • Ayurvedic massage course
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Reiki

Consultation with Ayurveda doctor

Our chief medical officer Dr.Sruthy n.p and her team of highly skilled and experienced therapists provide better ayurvedic treatments for the needed ones.


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I had a fantastic relaxing time with the treatments.

I received several treatments in the center of Dr. Sruthi and I had excellent results. I found kindness and professionalism and a relaxing atmosphere as well as extreme cleanliness. Varkala is a beautiful place, the perfect setting to fully enjoy Ayurvedic culture. I absolutely recommend the center , I can not wait to come back again. ! <3


"Authentic Legit Ayurveda"

Agasthya was a personal recommendation to us by our hotel staff located down the road. Since there are hundreds of options of get Ayurveda massage, it’s very hard to choose. We learned that Dr. Sruthy is much more interested in quality of care and delivering authentic therapies than she is about selling massage services all day. The price is very affordable and you can choose to add on smaller services to your massage. I came in with a cough and a small ache in my neck and felt better afterwards and extremely relaxed. I loved that there was a consultation included in the price so she can recommend treatments for you if needed. Her English is great so you can actually communicate your needs which has been a first for us since visiting India. Dr. Sruthy also purchased some oils and face mask ingredients for us at the pharmacy so we could take a little Ayurveda magic back to the states with us. My recommendation would be to add towels and a headrest to the massage tables because the table material can be a little uncomfortable especially when you’re coated in oil. Keep in mind for people new to this style of massage that it is traditional to get your head massaged in thick oil so you will need a very good shower after 🙂

Jamie Lynn mart

“Wonderful Ayurveda Massage and Experience!”

This is a much more legitimate ayurveda massage place than the other places on the cliff. The cost is 1200 for 60 min, plus 600 inr for a 30 min facial. This is more expensive than some of the prices quoted to us on the cliff, but those places really looked dodgy and filthy on the inside. The centre is run by Dr. Sruthy who has obviously studied extensively and speaks fantastic english. She had a formal evaluation where she took my blood pressure, weight, and had a questionnaire for health issues. I am very sunburnt (like a typical tourist!!) and she made sure to have my masseuse use special cooling oil which did not irritate my skin at all! She also evaluted my dosha (I’m apparently kapha pitta) which I am excited to learn more about. The massage itself was very pleasant, and even though the masseuse did not speak great english, she did ask about pressure and was very responsive to my request for more pressure. I got a facial which used a special herb paste and my skin feels very radiant now :). The facial included a scrub and massage which felt very nice! I bought some oils from Dr. Sruthy after the massage (Very affordable, just 38 inr for the little bottle) and am excited to use them at home. Overall, I highly recommend Agasthya and Dr. Sruthy is the real deal– a hidden gem!


“A high quality, professional and individually-tailored Ayurvedic experience”

Dr. Sruthy is a friendly, highly-trained doctor with a team of dedicated, well-qualified therapists. You are seen by the doctor as well as your therapist on every visit. Diagnosis is thorough and treatments are flexibly tailored to individual needs. You can choose an individual treatment or a package. It is all explained clearly and there is an obvious dedication to the art of Ayurveda that goes beyond money-making. Treatments are gentle and thorough at the same time and the very best ingredients are used for the oils and potions that are freshly and individually prepared. Beware of all the cheap alternatives and hard-sell on the nearby cliff – this is the real deal that will see you coming back for more. I am hooked!

Monika Pampus


“ I had Ayurvedic massages many times in the past, and this is without doubt my best ever experience. The level of professionalism and detail of care has been superb. The efficacy of the treatment prescribed by Dr. Sruthy and the quality of the massage by Therapists has been wonderful. It was so special to be massaged by someone with over 30 years experience. I return to England feeling wonderfully rejuvenated and no longer feeling my 67 years.”

Stevenson Graham